Week 10: Red

Strolling through an outdoor market, I was taken with the beauty of these glass jars of marinara, illuminated by the dappled mid-morning sun that was filtered through an old oak tree.


Week 9: Shadows

I hit the jackpot as I walked down the street with my camera looking for nothing in particular and this wonderful, undulating shadow leapt off the sidewalk and shouted, “What are you waiting for? Just shoot me!” So I did!

Week 8: Anybody Home?

There is a little yellow house in Gulfport, Florida. The operative word here is “little.” I spotted it as Mary Nell and I drove around its leafy neighborhood. The little yellow house looked picture perfect, so I asked Mary Nell to peek inside and see if there was “anybody home.”

Week 7: Highways and Byways

Came across the Howard Frankland Bridge spanning Tampa Bay yesterday at high noon and was taken with the undulating causeway, which I usually think of as flat. So I took my hands off the steering wheel and my eyes off the road, got out my camera and shot the picture. Kidding! Tom was driving. Decided to liven up a mostly gray picture and had a little fun in Photoshop with the Glowing Edges filter.

Week 6: Point or Pointed

Gulfport, Florida, is one crazy little place. Funky, Old Florida, free-thinking with a party-on mentality. Nestled on Boca Ciega Bay between St. Pete Beach and St. Petersburg, it’s a throwback to days gone by, with its colorful bungalows in the shade of great oaks. HOA covenants are not spoken here. This sign pointed us to the Gecko Fest yesterday where a good time was had by all.