Week 14: Fear

We were dining at the top of the Space Needle earlier this month enjoying Seattle at sunset when I spotted two huge spiders “walking” across the rooftop of a very large commercial building below. I couldn’t believe my eyes. So I zoomed in with my camera and confirmed that indeed, they were spiders. Our waitress said they were put there for Halloween. According to Wikipedia, arachnophobia is the most common of all the phobias, and a way of treating the disorder would be cognitive-behavioral therapy, or medications. I chose the latter and treated myself to another glass of wine.


Week 13: Poverty and/or Wealth

Last week I attended the Empty Bowls fundraiser on Lakewood Ranch Main Street for the Food Bank of Manatee. We enjoyed delicious soups and fresh breads provided by 17 local restaurants. The symbolic meal of soup and bread demonstrates that together, we can fill the empty bowls of our neighbors in need. Shown here is a sampling of the hundreds of beautiful, locally handcrafted ceramic bowls on display. It’s great fun to survey all the bowls and choose one for your very own as a keepsake. This was my second year attending, and I hope someday to have quite an array of unique bowls. As for the soups, they were delicious, ranging from Roasted Butternut Squash Bisque with Garlic Ice Cream floating on top to Chilled Corn and Coconut Soup with Jerk Shrimp, with 15 equally exotic versions in between. Oh! I almost forgot! When I got out my camera to shoot the picture, I had no card in my camera! So I used my new iPhone 5, with its higher resolution. Then I added the Artistic Cutout treatment in Photoshop, which I think works well on the shiny surface of ceramics.