Week 23: Seeing Clearly

A day trip from Portland, Ore., took us up to Timberline Lodge (elev. 5,960 ft.) on the south side of Mount Hood. The lodge was a Works Progress Administration project during the Great Depression. Constructed entirely by hand, workers used local timbers and stone, and placed intricately carved decorative elements throughout the building. President Franklin D. Roosevelt dedicated the Lodge on Sept. 28, 1937. Later in the 20th century it derived film notoriety for serving as the exterior of the Overlook Hotel in “The Shining.” As we lunched on the mezzanine overlooking the great room, I was seeing clearly the bottles against the window all the way across the room. In the second photo, you may see the bottles against the window, burned out just to the left of the light fixture. From my chair at the table, I zoomed in, using the railing to steady my camera. As I post this on the eve of New Year’s Eve, I am still seeing clearly. Cheers!

Bottles at Timberline Lodge

FB Timberline Lodge Great Room


Week 22: The Wheels Go Round

Somehow this 52-week challenge has turned into something quite personal. I find myself focusing on family items in my possession about which I have given very little thought over the years. “Wheels” brought me face-to-face with my late mother’s adorable early 20th century walnut tea cart. It graced her dining room for decades upon decades. Now it sits in mine. For the occasion, I gave it a Painterly touch in Nik.


Week 21: Light

Reflection of LIGHT is either specular (mirror-like) or diffuse (retaining the energy, but losing the image), depending on the nature of the interface. Furthermore, if the interface is between a dielectric and a conductor, the phase of the reflected wave is retained, otherwise if the interface is between two dielectrics, the phase may be retained or inverted, depending on the indices of refraction. Specular reflection forms images. Reflection from a flat surface forms a mirror image, which appears to be reversed from left to right because we compare the image we see to what we would see if we were rotated into the position of the image.

This red Christmas ornament, suspended from a boat at the Sarasota Yacht Club, is an example of specular reflection at a curved surface. A specular reflection at a curved surface forms an image that may be magnified or demagnified. Glad you asked. Class dismissed.

FB Red Ball

Week 20: A Calm Moment

My son, Anthony, was enjoying a calm moment in British Columbia this past fall. To me, the irony of the photograph is that most people would plug in their headphones and close their eyes to imagine a lovely, relaxing scene. Yet, here he was, plugged in with his eyes closed amid all the gorgeous scenery.

FB A Calm Moment