Week 22: The Wheels Go Round

Somehow this 52-week challenge has turned into something quite personal. I find myself focusing on family items in my possession about which I have given very little thought over the years. “Wheels” brought me face-to-face with my late mother’s adorable early 20th century walnut tea cart. It graced her dining room for decades upon decades. Now it sits in mine. For the occasion, I gave it a Painterly touch in Nik.



7 thoughts on “Week 22: The Wheels Go Round

  1. I also have a soft spot in my heart for family items. I know when my siblings and I were preparing to sell the homeplace after the death of my mother, I would linger over the smallest things that reminded me of times when I saw her use them. Your tea cart is beautiful and I am sure will grace the dining room of one of your children some day.

  2. Dear Liz:

    It was so memorable for me to look at this post as I always loved your mother’s beautiful dining room and tea carts are my favorite. So wonderful for you to have it now.

    Will you have your boys for Christmas? I hope so. We are flying to Estes, CO Christmas Day (all of us) to join our son and his wife for a week at their vacation home there. The boys haven’t gotten to enjoy snow like that so. It will be very fun for them. We have not spent Christmas together since my mother died Dec. of 2000 so it will be a very special week. So amazing that our parents are all passed now. How very much I know you miss yours too.

    I continue to enjoy all the videos you have sent and so fun to remember that amazing weekend.

    Hugs and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and Tom!

    Sent from my iPhone

  3. Your Mom was like my second Mom as I spent so much time at your home. Nice for you to have the tea cart. What a nice memory.

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