Week 23: Seeing Clearly

A day trip from Portland, Ore., took us up to Timberline Lodge (elev. 5,960 ft.) on the south side of Mount Hood. The lodge was a Works Progress Administration project during the Great Depression. Constructed entirely by hand, workers used local timbers and stone, and placed intricately carved decorative elements throughout the building. President Franklin D. Roosevelt dedicated the Lodge on Sept. 28, 1937. Later in the 20th century it derived film notoriety for serving as the exterior of the Overlook Hotel in “The Shining.” As we lunched on the mezzanine overlooking the great room, I was seeing clearly the bottles against the window all the way across the room. In the second photo, you may see the bottles against the window, burned out just to the left of the light fixture. From my chair at the table, I zoomed in, using the railing to steady my camera. As I post this on the eve of New Year’s Eve, I am still seeing clearly. Cheers!

Bottles at Timberline Lodge

FB Timberline Lodge Great Room


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