Week 27: Decay

The word “decay” repulses me and connotes ugliness. However, I found beauty in these dying leaves still attached to their limbs on the Our Lady of the Angels property. When they finally fall to the ground these leaves will mulch the trees and other flora that live under the canopy, and come back to life in a different context – perhaps as something beautiful again.

FB Decay


Week 26: Zig Zag

Disappointed in seeing an empty aerie along Pope Road and SR70, and no eagle in sight, I turned my back on the trees to see what I could shoot across the wide open spaces looking eastward. I used a handy fence to stabilize by camera. When I turned to leave I looked down the fence line and noticed the zig zag effect of the morning shadows. Again, we just need to open our eyes!

FB ZigZag

Week 25: On a Farm

“Stop the car! Screech! Back up! More! More! Now go forward. A little more!” That’s how I saw and photographed this bucolic setting for the 52-week Challenge. We were heading back to Portland, having made the loop over to Mount Hood and up and around Hood River. Luckily, there wasn’t much traffic on the road as Tom complied with my wishes. I was very pleased with my find. That’s what’s fun about unintentionally finding the perfect scene for a Challenge theme. It’s very satisfying!

Oregon Farm