Week 31: Repeating Patterns

Lunch at Palmetto’s Riverhouse offered the chance to walk the dock and look at the beautiful boats moored there. Then these patterns caught my eye. The central pattern comprises the wooden steps to a series of boat slips. But there are other repeating patterns in the photo, as my husband pointed out. Sometimes we can’t see the forest for the trees!

fb Repeating Patterns


Week 30: It’s Bent or Twisted

Touring the Clyde Butcher Gallery and Studio in Venice with my camera club cohorts, my eyes fell on a stack of black and white prints that had curled, or bent, from not yet being mounted. I was thrilled to have found this vignette to photograph, in, of all places, the workroom of the great Ansel Adams of the Everglades. So of course, I had to convert it to black and white, paying homage to the master, who on that day was off shooting in the Everglades.

FB Curly Butcher Prints

Week 29: Looking Down

After a round-trip crossing of Vancouver’s Capilano Suspension Bridge, we took the Cliffwalk, a cliffside journey through rainforest vegetation on a series of cantilevered and suspended walkways jutting out from the granite cliff face above British Columbia’s Capilano River. It is high and narrow and, in some sections, glass (very strong glass) is all that separated us from the canyon far below. My son, Anthony, is looking down, taking in the plunging view under his feet.

Anthony on Cliffwalk

Week 28: It’s Moving

As we were capturing reflections on a recent camera club outing to the St. Pete waterfront, floating seagrass debris caught my eye as I scanned around a dock for a photo op. On its own, it was a little drab, but I figured I could make something of it. A little Neon Glow filter in Photoshop did the trick for me.

Neon Seagrass