Week 34: Red, White and Blue

After an 18-year absence from my hometown, I went to Williston, North Dakota to see what the Bakken Boom had done to the place. A visit to our former family farm four miles from town proved you can’t go home again. The place my grandfather bought in 1910 and that remained in our family for 100 years and where I rode horseback growing up is now an industrial site owned by a Houston, Texas oilfield service company. We pulled up to the gate next to this truck bearing the U.S. flag, in all her tattered glory. The site manager walked to the gate, and in his slow Texas drawl, started to ask what we were doing there. When Tom told him this was my family’s farm for 100 years he softened some, but denied us entry. I didn’t need to enter. The land was before my eyes, and so was a huge warehouse-type building and another under construction. My goodness, the changes to my hometown – now the epicenter of the Saudi Arabia of the United States and second only to Texas in oil production. Who knew? My grandfather did. He was part of a venture group that explored for oil there in the 1920s and came up dry. And to think it was right under his wheat field.

fb Flag Truck

fb Truck Flag cu

fb Plant Manager

fb Tom and Liz on the Farm


2 thoughts on “Week 34: Red, White and Blue

  1. Liz, this really touched my heart. When we sold our homeplace after Mother died, I swore I would never go back; however, I did but I can honestly say now that I will never go back. My Mother was such a neat person, loved beautiful flowers and took such pride in our home. I wish I could say the same for the person who bought it. I sat in the driveway and cried!

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