Week 35: Glitter

“Fluent Steps” is poetry in glass that celebrates the many moods of water, seemingly aglitter as it captures the natural light in an outdoor installation at the Museum of Glass in Tacoma, Washington. The art piece spans the entire length of the 210-foot-long Main Plaza reflecting pool and rises from water level to 15 feet in height and consists of 754 individually hand-sculpted pieces of glass mostly created in 2008 in the Museum’s Hot Shop by glass artist Martin Blank. There are many Dale Chihuly works here, which is what drew us to this museum on our trip to the Pacific Northwest. Go there if you can.

FB Chihuly Outdoor Sculpture


4 thoughts on “Week 35: Glitter

  1. Just thought it would be appropriate to reply to Fluent Steps. Very beautiful!

    I had my right knee replaced last Monday so getting better each day and look forward to pain free days soon. I know you are a veteran if these procedures. It is not a club I cared to join but hope this is the last for me.

    Greetings to you and Tom. Being my nurse is getting in the way of Jerry’s golfing but will all be behind us soon.

    Inta and Dick Hays were here for a few days. We had a nice visit and they enjoyed their short tour of the area.

    Continue to look forward to your weekly photos.

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  2. What a nice photograph Liz. At first look I thought it was a school of jelly fish. I am a big fan of Dale Chihuly also. Have you been to the Morean Arts Center in St. Petersburg? I havent been but its on my to do list!

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