Week 36: Crossing the Line

It had been many years since I crossed into Canada by car. I grew up 60 miles from the Saskachewan border, which was a fairly deserted place. My memories are of stopping and answering a couple of questions and continuing on our way. Did this many times. So when we drove up to Vancouver from  Seattle last fall, I was totally unprepared for long lines of vehicles waiting to get into British Columbia at Peace Arch Crossing. However, the scenery soothed the wait. Peace Arch Park, of which the cars are sitting in the middle, has wide expanses of lawn, and  people do get out of there cars and stretch their legs. It took 45 minutes of inching our way alongside several lanes of northbound traffic before we were admitted into Canada. Four days later we encountered the same delays going back into the U.S. A week after that, a border guard at the crossing was shot in the line of duty, but not killed. Boy, have times changed.

fb Peace Arch

FB Peace Arch PARK


One thought on “Week 36: Crossing the Line

  1. I agree. I remember crossing up in New England to Canada as simple and the Mexico border below San Diego as tough. I never took more than a couple of. Minutes. Wow. Times have changed.

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