Week 46: Outside the Box

How about a round box? I have in my possession a round box mailed by Robert W. Levering from the Philippines during World War II, to my aunt, who worked for the Federal Register in Washington, D.C. Robert, who married my aunt upon returning from the war, was a Japanese prisoner of war from 1942 to 1945. He was an Ohio lawyer, congressman and author, having written “Horror Trek,” the true story, his story, of 76,000 American and Filipino soldiers forced on the infamous 80-mile Bataan Death March. Thousands of men died of starvation, thirst or were murdered before reaching their destination. The fiber Mandalay Coconut Syrup box is undated. It was likely mailed in 1942 before his capture. An assortment of a dozen colorful cancelled stamps enabled the box to arrive safely from Manila to “Miss Eileen Burdick, 444 Old House Office Bldg., Washington, D.C. U.S.A.” I find beauty in the organic make up of the box, and mystery in what a young soldier would have shipped to his sweetheart on the other side of the world. I doubt it was coconut syrup.

Levering Box 2

Levering Mailing Box



8 thoughts on “Week 46: Outside the Box

  1. How very interesting this was. Now I am so curious as to what it contained. Perhaps you should write a story about this box. Did they have children? How did you come by the box? I wonder if this was one of the stories your Dad would have related when we would be visiting at your house? When I think back I am certain that I should have paid better attention as he shared his wisdom with us. I’m sure I was polite but I didn’t realize at the time the value of those talks. Of course I thought they were a little lengthy and was anxious to get on with far less important matters. My loss:(

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    • So agree! I wish I would have learned more from my dad. He had so many good tales. All our parents, really. As for the box, I came upon it after my parents died, so never was able to learn more. I will give the box to my cousin, Usher Levering.

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