Week 51: Faith

People from Lithuania and probably beyond make a pilgrimage to a hill near the Latvia border to place crosses on the hill in the middle of nowhere to wish for something good. They have been doing this for centuries. It is called the Hill of Crosses. I was unprepared for this phenomenon as our tour bus ambled through the Lithuanian countryside to take us there. Over the centuries, not only crosses,but giant crucifixes, carvings of Lithuanian patriots, statues of the Virgin Mary and thousands of tiny effigies and rosaries have been brought here by Catholic pilgrims. The exact number of crosses is unknown, but there must be close to 1 million. The hill has a main stairway going up to the original spot where a cross was first erected, but the immenseness of the “project” has necessitated alternate routes and off shoots so it is really a maze of crosses. They are constructed of paper, wood, metal, grasses, sticks, anything that can be shaped into a cross. I passed people carrying little homemade crosses to be placed on the hill, including a quartet of giggling American teenage girls. The Hill of Crosses is truly a sight to behold on the Lithuanian landscape.

Hill of Crosses 1

Hill of Crosses 3

Hill of Crosses 2

Hill of Crosses 4

Hill of Crosses 5


7 thoughts on “Week 51: Faith

  1. Great photos and description. You go to the most amazing places. I’m so glad you are posting your blog.

  2. Reblogged this on Postcards and commented:

    This is a reblog from my 52-Week Challenge blog on the theme “Faith.” This surreal scene on the Latvian landscape is surely an unforgettable sight we won’t forget.

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