Week 9: Ugly

I was shocked to go out of our hotel on a Monday morning and find all this ugly garbage on the streets from the night before. Every night is party night in Amsterdam in the summertime. I don’t recall seeing garbage barrels anywhere, however. Maybe they’ve tried that. Who knows? But is was an ugly sight seeing beautiful Amsterdam befouled in the light of day.


Week 6: Other Photographers

Photographers of all shapes and sized swarmed the castle ruins along Loch Ness in Scotland to photograph the lone piper piping. I turned the camera off the piper and onto the shooters. How many can you count? They are shooting with everything from SLRs to cell phones to point-and-shoots to i-Pads. Everybody’s a photographer!
Other Photogs at Castle in Loch Ness

Week 5: Silhouettes

The Commando Memorial is one of Scotland’s best-known monuments, both as a war memorial and as a tourist attraction. The morning we were there, busloads of tourists braved the biting wind of the moors and climbed up to where the 17-foot statue overlooks the training areas of the Commando Training Depot established in 1942. The monument is dedicated to the men of the original British Commando Forces raised during World War II. The monument was unveiled in 1952 by the Queen Mother. I was shooting into the morning light and was impressed by the silhouettes of the visitors who streamed to the memorial.