Week 11: Here’s Your Sign

Today is the date of my birth. One week ago on a cemetery crawl photo shoot with my camera club pals, I happened upon this vintage tombstone in the Joshua Creek Cemetery near Arcadia, Florida. Elizabeth was born nearly a century ahead of me, yet her tombstone lives on in this cemetery off SR64. Mine will be a watery grave. The Gulf of Mexico will be my final resting place. So for today only, I take this marble etching as my sign to fulfill this challenge. But a bit about Elizabeth F. McEwen Whidden: Born Aug. 1, 1846. Died Dec. 27, 1899. Too bad she missed the turn of the century by only a few days. I wonder if she died in childbirth, as one of her six children was born in 1899 and died in 1900. Imagine that. She gave birth at the age of 53. Her husband was Simeon Elias “Uncle Sam” Whidden, a citrus farmer and cattle rancher who was born in 1850 and died in 1923. Thanks for your help on this one, Miss Elizabeth. R.I.P.
FB Grave Eliz BLUR


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