Week 26: Shallow Depth of Field

I parked under a flowering tree at Nokomis Groves where I went to buy some grapefruit. The bad news was the place was closed on Sunday, but the good news was that as I parked the car, I noticed the way the sun was coming through the trees and backlighting this pretty pink flower. The shallow depth of field allows the viewer to focus on the flower alone, and gives the image a pleasing softness.
FB Pink Flower


Week 25 (half-way point!): The S Curve

A January visit to the Ringling Museum in Sarasota (what a wonderful place) produced this image that fulfilled The S Curve theme. This is the walkway that links to two wings in the main museum, and takes you right past Sarasota’s David.
FB Ringling S Curve

Week 24: A Hot Ride

A snowbird friend who stays the winter at Sun ‘N Fun invited me to take a tour of the place. We tooled around in her highly-decorated golf cart checking out the RV resort’s amenities. Everyone knows Sue. Everywhere we went, people smiled and called out to her in her hot ride.
FB Sue's Cart Hot Ride