Week 28: An Expression of Love

On a canal in Amsterdam, an expression of love leaves no doubt that the graffiti artist leads with his heart. I call this the Love Canal and have been saving it for today, the start of Valentine’s Day week, our sweetest time of year (and Tom’s and my 46th wedding anniversary).Love Canal


3 thoughts on “Week 28: An Expression of Love

  1. Happy Anniversary! Are you having a nice winter? We are in Estes Park, CO visiting our son Jeff and his wife, Tami. They have a home here and we looking out at lots of snow. Went for a ride in the Rocky Mtn Natl Park and saw the beautiful elk everywhere. It is so pretty there as no buildings are allowed in most if the area so it is much as you would imagine from the time God made it. Most people are anxious for spring but such good moisture for the area. We will be glad to go back to Texas for awhile yet as it is still so frigid in ND. Carol Sandvik was in Clearwater for Marlene’s birthday and did not have nice weather but they had a great time!

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