Week 35: Bouncer

When I toured the Sun-N-Fun RV Resort and Campground in Sarasota with my Canadian snowbird friend, Sue, I was impressed by the fitness facility, which includes an indoor olympic-size swimming pool. Glass blocks are a part of the interior design to let in light from the pool to an interior hallway. The light bounced around the ripples of the glass block creating interesting abstract patterns. What do you think?
FB Glasss Blocks


Week 34: Mirror Image

The Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam, where we stayed last summer, was a real surprise in that the historic hotel (1578) has museum art throughout — in the lobby, in hallways, in the garden. This bronze, La Néreide, by Daphné du Barry, was my favorite. If you get to Amsterdam, stroll through the hotel and stop in the garden for lunch or a cocktail and enjoy the art around you.
FB Reflection

Week 33: In the Trees

A treasure trove lies in the heart of Sarasota in a light industrial area on Central Avenue. Junque reigns supreme at Sarasota Architectural Salvage, as you pick your way through items from yesterday just begging to be repurposed. If I didn’t have decades of accumulation, I could find many “finds” here to punctuate my home. This is the outdoor entrance, through this leafy path in the trees. It is a mere hint at what awaits the visitor inside. Wonderful! Wonderful!
52 SRQ Architectural Salvage Entrance

Week 31: Love is . . .

I was cleaning out a closet last week and discovered a ragged old pasteboard box filled with family photographic treasures from days gone by. But the little gem in the box turned out to be a fragile, ruby-colored velvet autograph book, a friendship album, that was my grandmother’s, Emma Robertson. The book, the size of a postcard, was signed by her contemporaries between 1888 and 1890. Oh, the sentiments they wrote, and oh, the graceful cursive of yesteryear that brings their sprigs of poetry alive. Most of the pages fall loose now. The little album portrays the love of friendship a 19th Century teenage girl in Park River, Dakota Territory, enjoyed when the stroke of a pen was a loving, thoughtful thing to do. It is my special obligation to keep it safe for the next generation who happens upon a red velvet book in a box of family keepsakes.
Note: North Dakota was admitted to the Union Nov. 2, 1889; however, as she inaugurated her book in the winter of 1888, she signed it Park River, Walsh Co., D.T.
Three photographs:
Album Cover
FB Page One
FB Page Two