Week 39: I Want One

I love to visit the Ringling Museum of Art. As a member, I go whenever the spirit moves me, but I don’t always visit Ca d’Zan, John and Mabel Ringling’s 1920s-era Venetian mansion on Sarasota Bay. I was there a few weeks ago on a beautiful day and stopped to take a photo of the house before touring it. The setting is so lovely, I decided I want one! Alas, it is not for sale. 😉
Ca d'Zan


8 thoughts on “Week 39: I Want One

  1. Liz, I do not believe I have seen a more beautiful photo of Ca d’Zan. This is a notecard opportunity for the gift shop. Oh, BTW, if it ever comes on the resale market, I will call you as I’d love to have that commission.

  2. I totally agree with you about being a member at Ringling is a special treat. Maybe one day we can arrange to meet for light lunch at Treviso and stroll the grounds together!

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