Week 5: Musical

The player grand piano at the Sarasota Yacht Club is front and center in the SYC lobby, ready to entertain on a moment’s notice. I always get a kick out of ivories tickling themselves. I added a Classical Soft Focus filter to jazz it up.
Grand Piano


Week 4: Horses and Humans

Yoder’s Market in Sarasota is owned by Amish people. I have never seen a brighter, cleaner, more orderly produce market. The Amish culture is displayed high on the walls. This carriage and little people at first attracted me for the “Shot Through the Glass” theme. It also works for “High Above.” But I settled on “Horses and Humans.”
Amish Rig

Week 1: Group Portraits

Today I start my third annual 52-Week Challenge with a bunch of crazed photographers across the land and the world. August 1 was the start date, so I went out with my camera that day three days ago and armed with my 52-week list of themes, I started shooting. I happened upon these peaches at Yoder’s Produce Market in Sarasota, and wouldn’t you know, this lovely group of peaches posed oh-so-nicely for me for the theme “Group Portraits.” A stretch you say? Well, I kinda think that’s what the challenge is all about!Yoders Peaches Week 1 Aug 3

A picture a week for 52 weeks

This is the Sixth 52-Week Photo Challenge, a fun project undertaken by fellow shooters that runs Aug. 1, 2017 to July 31, 2018. Each week I post a photograph take that week, following a random list of weekly themes listed in the Weekly Themes tab. It’s an ambitious project, but just the kind of creative challenge I like. So come on along and see my year in pictures. And check out my fellow shooters, too, all of whom are listed in the right column.