Week 1: Group Portraits

Today I start my third annual 52-Week Challenge with a bunch of crazed photographers across the land and the world. August 1 was the start date, so I went out with my camera that day three days ago and armed with my 52-week list of themes, I started shooting. I happened upon these peaches at Yoder’s Produce Market in Sarasota, and wouldn’t you know, this lovely group of peaches posed oh-so-nicely for me for the theme “Group Portraits.” A stretch you say? Well, I kinda think that’s what the challenge is all about!Yoders Peaches Week 1 Aug 3


14 thoughts on “Week 1: Group Portraits

  1. What a clever idea for “group portraits!” Great use of your imagination for this theme. Too bad that we used “That Reminds Me” theme previously because your photo reminded me that a few weeks ago I promised my husband a peach cobbler. 🙂

  2. That reminds me that someone told me the peaches are supposed to be terrific right now. I wish a had a small group of them to make a cobbler…. With breyers vanilla bean icecream! Mmmm

  3. Thank you for your comments. Until you mentioned peach cobbler, I hadn’t realized that I was so intent on the 52-Week Challenge when shooting the photo, I forgot to buy these great South Carolina peaches! I must go back! Without my camera!

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