Week 17: Someone Working

Okay, mark this up as a job you couldn’t pay me enough to do. Ever. Our pond was recently dredged to deal with years of accumulated muck. The process involves two guys and a noisy machine. They take turns day-by-day standing on the shoreline managing the long narrow eco bags the the much is siphoned into while the other guy stands in the pond up to his neck dredging up muck with a stick. They are doing this in water moccasin and alligator habitat. Eeew. The guy on the shore told me the water moccasins don’t like the noise and vibration and they scamper to the other side of the pond. But he said the gators don’t mind, and hang around. He said once in a while they feel a gator tail brush up against their bare legs. Eeew. I asked why the gators don’t eat them and he said they are the wrong size prey. The gators prefer the turtles and other animals. But he said the non-poisonous ringneck snakes can be problematic, and he showed me a two-week-old bite mark on his calf. Eeew.
Pond Dredger


18 thoughts on “Week 17: Someone Working

  1. When I lived in Missouri in a lake community, they also had to clean the muck off the bottom – but never did they do it physically in the water. They had the syphon hose and a rake on long poles. And there were no gators in that lake. I never saw a snake, but that is not to say they weren’t there. I could not imagine doing this in the water.

  2. Oh Ewww I am going to have nightmares tonight for sure. Standing in water up to my neck with snakes and alligators…. truly a nightmare for me. Somebody at least get the guy a wetsuit!

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