Week 35: Below the Knees

This is what’s goin’ on below the knees of this pretty little Green Heron photographed at the Celery Fields, a great birding spot in Sarasota. On the way home, just two blocks from my house, I came across this Sandhill Crane in the road as he was checking out the fallen acorns. Another beautiful set of bird knees. I couldn’t decide, so you get them both!
Green Heron Below the Knees
Cranes Knees


Week 34: Statues

This free-spirited ballerina dances with a corps de ballet of pink winged pigs in the garden of the Marietta Museum of Whimsy in Sarasota. Go there. It is a delightful place to roam. With your camera. Not like me. I didn’t know what I was getting into, so was armed only with my iPhone, but I shot lots of pictures anyway. I plan to return with my camera.

Week 33: Lamp Posts

I was halfway through an intersection in the Rosemary District in Sarasota when off to the right I saw this lamp post. I finished my errand and returned to the scene. It was the only lamp post of its kind there, and housed a plaque identifying the area as the historic Rosemary District. I had never noticed it before, and would for this challenge, it may never have grabbed my attention. It’s great how our fun little weekly exercise opens our eyes to the world around us!