Week 33: Lamp Posts

I was halfway through an intersection in the Rosemary District in Sarasota when off to the right I saw this lamp post. I finished my errand and returned to the scene. It was the only lamp post of its kind there, and housed a plaque identifying the area as the historic Rosemary District. I had never noticed it before, and would for this challenge, it may never have grabbed my attention. It’s great how our fun little weekly exercise opens our eyes to the world around us!


9 thoughts on “Week 33: Lamp Posts

  1. that is an unusual one! – I think I’m more observant these days. I zoomed in on your photo to see what it said and have been reading a little bit about Overtown – more reading needs to be done, interesting.

  2. Although I know a little about the Rosemary District, I don’t recall seeing this lamp post or sign. Other than enjoying the photos of the interpretation of everyone’s themes, I also like how the challenge makes us more observant of our surroundings.

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