Week 39: Single Color on Black & White

Since I have a black and white cat, Oreo, it was pretty easy to use him for my subject on the theme “Single Color on Black & White.” I converted the image to black and white, and left his eyes as the color. I shot the picture outside, and the natural light really lit up the yellow of his eyes, which can also take on a green hue.
Oreo with the Yellow Eyes


Week 38: One Step at a Time

The person who was walking on the beach at Anna Maria Island was clearly taking one step at a time in the soft Gulf Coast sand. The texture of the sand was caused by recent driving rains.
fb footprint

Week 36: Masked

We were walking on trail at Oscar Scherer State Park when we came upon these two masked characters. There was no stick up. Nothing nefarious. Just a couple of pooches out for a walk with their owner on a sunny Florida winter day. Sit, Ubu. Sit. Good dog.
Dog 1

Dog 2