Week 44: It’s a Mystery

What went on in this circus tent last winter is a mystery to me. How the stars of Circus Sarasota’s 2015 Winter Show do what they do is mystifying, from world-class high-wire walker Nik Wallenda to his 60-something mother who performs in the seven-person pyramid, all death-defying acts done with no safety equipment that would break a fall. The circus this year located at the UTC Mall complex and gave me a nice post-sunset scene shot from across the pond by the bridge.fb Circus Tent


Week 41: Skyline Panorama

The UTC Mall, when approached from the south on Cattlemen Road, takes on a beauty of its own as it spans the skyline and meets the two retention ponds (separated by a walkable causeway). I first noticed this enroute home one evening, without my camera, and waited for the perfect evening to return and capture the fleeting scene I first noticed driving over the bridge.
fb UTC Pink and Blue

Just a quick note . . .

I have two WordPress blogs, the 52-Week Challenge (this one) and one called Postcards that I rev up when I travel, maybe a couple of times a year. When I post on Postcards, it also appears on my Challenge site, not by choice. I will soon be traveling and apologize in advance for unwanted postings here. If you know how I can control that, please let me know. 😉

Week 40: Differences

So much for birds of a feather flocking together. Once a year or so, in the wintertime, flocks of American white pelicans and anhingas gather at a pond in Lakewood Ranch, resting, I imagine. Their numbers on this day in February were about 60 anhingas to 15 pelicans. I have seen them on other ponds, too, but they are passing through. They swim together, flock together on the water’s edge and seem to get along famously. Their differences don’t seem to matter. As Rodney King said, “Can’t we all just get along?” These birds seem to have figured it out.
fb Pelicans
FB Cover Pelicans and Anhingas