Week 52! Right Place at the Right Time

This is it! The final entry of the 2014-2015 Weekly Photographic Challenge to satisfy 52 themes for one year! Next week we enter the fourth year of this crazy exercise, and I can’t wait to begin shooting photos that will match up with the new themes.

Last April we were staying on the third floor in a hotel on St. Augustine Beach. Our balcony overlooked the beach, and in my beach walk I saw the florist setting up the wedding arch. He told me what time the wedding would start, so I was ready, on the balcony, to oversee the entire event. Bear in mind, I was shooting totally zoomed in with my (then) camera’s astonishing 65x Optical Zoom (21mm-1365mm), using the railing as a stabilizer.

I was able to shoot the entire wedding, including the wedding party walking down the beach path from the hotel. Unfortunately for the happy couple, I was also able to capture the recessional, as it were, as they came back up from the beach in a drenching rain. Notice how the bride is left to fend for herself. Not a good start, Mr. groom, who totally leaves her behind. I ran into them the next morning in the lobby and got her email address so I was able to send her a stash of pictures from angles her photographer didn’t have.

fb Wedding on Beach

The rainy recessional

The rainy recessional


Week 51: Circles

This beautiful candelabra is found in the church of the magnificent Manueline Joeronimos Monastery in Lisbon. In 1496, King Manuel I (1495–1521) asked the pope for permission to build a great monastery in thanks to the Virgin Mary for Vasco de Gama’s successful voyage to India. The request was granted and construction began on the on Jan. 6, 1501. The project was funded by treasures from explorations in Africa, Asia and South America, as well as a stiff tax on the Portuguese-controlled spice trade with Africa and the East.

fb Monastery Candleabra

I offer another image of circles adorning a bridge in Amarante, Portugal, which we walked across to get to a church. I don’t know why the circles are there, but it must be pretty at night.

fb Circles Over Bridge

Week 50: Night Shot

Portugal proved to be a rich photographic experience, so I delved into my travel photos from earlier in June to choose a night shot on the Duoro River from our mooring in Porto. The city is beautiful, and the lights at night showcasing the riverfront and the bridge make it almost magical.

fb Riverfront at Night 2

Week 49: Blue

From a hilltop overlooking Lisbon, one can see far out over the city and past the iconic bridge. There is much uniformity in color. Because of the intense sun, most buildings have orange tile roofs and are of a whitewash or light color to reflect the light. However, this blue tile-clad building stuck out like a sore thumb, capturing my eye and my camera lens.

fb Blue House