Week 51: Circles

This beautiful candelabra is found in the church of the magnificent Manueline Joeronimos Monastery in Lisbon. In 1496, King Manuel I (1495–1521) asked the pope for permission to build a great monastery in thanks to the Virgin Mary for Vasco de Gama’s successful voyage to India. The request was granted and construction began on the on Jan. 6, 1501. The project was funded by treasures from explorations in Africa, Asia and South America, as well as a stiff tax on the Portuguese-controlled spice trade with Africa and the East.

fb Monastery Candleabra

I offer another image of circles adorning a bridge in Amarante, Portugal, which we walked across to get to a church. I don’t know why the circles are there, but it must be pretty at night.

fb Circles Over Bridge


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