Week 5: Upside Down

WHA??? On face value, this parrot looks discombobulated; however, he is able to turn his head upside down and turn it at the same time. Mr. Macaw is a Jungle Gardens denizen and he is accustomed to entertaining visitors, which he did on my visit to that Sarasota institution in early August.

fb Upside Down Parrot


Week 4: Eye

A summer afternoon excursion to Sarasota’s Jungle Gardens went against my better judgment, with the heat index in the low 100s, but I had the urge to shoot flamingos. Glad I went. The flamingos never disappoint. This one played peek-a-boo in his plumage, fulfilling my challenge for Eye. Here’s lookin’ at you, kid!

Flamingo Eye

Week 3: Homemade

It’s the height of blueberry season, and my sweet neighbor, Cathy, baked me a fresh blueberry pie after I brought in her mail for a week while they were on vacation. The pie was ridiculously delicious (and she made it with Stevia rather than white sugar!). I’m going to see if I can bring in her mail on an ongoing basis.

Homemake pie

Week 1: Yellow

Today’s posting is the start of the all-new 52-Week Photo Challenge. There are 52 brand new themes to match up with photos to be taken between Aug. 1, 2015 and July 31, 2016. Yesterday, Aug. 1, as I perched on a stool at my kitchen bar reviewing the new themes, I saw Yellow. I began to think about how I could interpret that theme photographically, when I realized it was right under my nose. It even had a slight scent. A beautiful yellow rose was nestled in a Publix bouquet next to me on the counter. I carried the rose outside to photograph it under natural light, and gave it a white vignette for a dreamy effect. Mission accomplished. Fifty-one to go.
fb Yellow Rose Vignetted