Week 9: Biggest Fear

I absolutely hate spiders. They are so creepy. They scare me to death. The beauty of Sarasota’s Jungle Gardens is that all the creepy stuff is out of reach, behind glass or fencing. Except when it isn’t. On a stroll through the gardens, the pathway snaked right past an impressive eye-level spider web with the spider at home tending to his captives. Mr. Spider had deftly encased them in his deadly silk for a future dinner. Ugh! I feel much safer among the lions, leopards and cape buffalo right now in the middle of Tanzania.

fb Spider framed


Week 8: Diamonds

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but not necessarily when they are coiled up and staring at you. In this case, this “friend” was safely behind glass. Many people will find this post creepy, myself included! Eek! While I am safely in Africa right now, I shot this guy last month in Sarasota at Jungle Gardens.

DIAMONDS Black White Snake

Week 7: Silhouette

I continue to be awed by the pastel clouds in the evening eastern sky across the pond from my house. I didn’t get to this scene until the sun was down and no longer reflecting on the stand of slash pines; but I couldn’t resist the cotton candy and whipped cream of the sky and clouds that remained towering over the trees. They were silhouetted by the lack of direct light and the lighter sky behind them.

Trees in Silhouette framed

Week 6: Shades of Gray

It seems almost antithetical to convert the colorful plumage of a green macaw to grayscale, but I decided to give it a go for this challenge and I like the results. By stripping away the intense tropical hues, it allows the eye to appreciate the intricacies of this fellow’s plumage and the natural shading that occurs from the available light.

Gray Feathers