Week 9: Biggest Fear

I absolutely hate spiders. They are so creepy. They scare me to death. The beauty of Sarasota’s Jungle Gardens is that all the creepy stuff is out of reach, behind glass or fencing. Except when it isn’t. On a stroll through the gardens, the pathway snaked right past an impressive eye-level spider web with the spider at home tending to his captives. Mr. Spider had deftly encased them in his deadly silk for a future dinner. Ugh! I feel much safer among the lions, leopards and cape buffalo right now in the middle of Tanzania.

fb Spider framed


11 thoughts on “Week 9: Biggest Fear

  1. I do not know where we fear them so much but spiders are very high on the list of scariest things. When I moved the Florida am saw my first jumping spiders I must have jumped five feet myself.(not really but felt like it). Nice image.

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