Week 13: Frame Within a Frame

After spending two hours picking my way around the rocks strewn across the Acropolis and enjoying the fabulous photo ops of the temples, it was time to descend to the streets of Athens. There was only one way out, through the “frame within a frame.” Funny how that works. It hit me instantly as I saw it, “There’s my photo for ‘frame within a frame!'”
Frame Within a Frame


Week 11: Rainy Day

It was raining hard when I had a morning appointment at a Lakewood Ranch office site, but when I left an hour later the rain had stopped. As I walked to my car, I passed a small flower bed with a few bromeliads. Their cups were full of rain water and I was reminded of how beneficial rain is to our lovely Florida environment. I was also aware of the Rainy Day theme and took the opportunity to cross it off my list!


Week 10: Old Timer

Sarasota’s Jungle Gardens is certainly an “old timer” as a tourist attraction and favorite of locals. The gardens were started in the early 1930s. Forty years later, in the early 1970s, the Gardens introduced the first Exotic Bird Show featuring Macaws and Cockatoos trained by prison inmates from California. They were aptly dubbed The Jail Birds. I believe this Blue and Gold Macaw to be one of the original birds and he still participates in the bird shows today. Blue and Golds live between 30 and 35 years in the wild, but upwards of 50 years as pets or in zoos. So this old boy is indeed an Old Timer.

Old Macaw