Week 27: OMG

Is there some kind of prize for having the best OMG? Because I think I’m in contention. These key chains were for sale on the street in Athens. At first glance, I was thinking they were rather large and cumbersome for key chains. Then it hit me. OMG

OMG Dildos


Week 26: Straight Out of the Camera

This is the half-way point for this 52-week challenge! It’s going well! This week I offer this unedited image taken with my iPhone, “straight out of the camera,” no editing. I saw this bicycle parked in Five Points Park in downtown Sarasota. Apparently, at one time, the bike sported 43 flamingos, attached to the bike to make people smile. (I count 19; how many do you count?) I hope the image makes you smile, too.

Flamingos Bicycle

Week 25: Mouthwatering

This bowl of fruit created its own still life tablescape on an olive farm near Agrigento, Sicily, where we spent two nights amid 10,000 olive trees and 5,000 almond trees. The owner/chef presided over a gourmet kitchen and dining room that offered the finest farm-to-table fare I have ever experienced. Simply put, it was mouthwatering.

Fruit Bowl

Week 24: Before and After

I was having a little fun in Photoshop, and chose a simple image to see how I could enhance it. My choice was a photo of a 5th century BC Doric capital from the Valley of the Temples near Agrigento, Sicily, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The first image, the Before, shows an unedited version of the capital, stark and uninteresting against a clear blue sky. Its comparison image, the After, in this case, is an example of applying filters in post. First I applied Hand Tinted Cream in Topaz B&W Effects from the Opalotype Collection, then I ran it through the Polaroid Transfer filter in Nik. As my ophthalmology technician asks, better one or better two?

Capital better 1

Capital Stylized better 2

Week 23: Celebration

What bigger celebration than that of welcoming a new year! This selfie is of my husband and me ringing in 2016 at the Sarasota Yacht Club. Not the best quality. Shot hand held with my iPhone with available light. A documentary photo. Happy New Year to all my fellow photo bloggers!

Celebration Tom and Liz NYE