Week 31: A Single Tree

This single tree in my neighborhood stands out from all the rest as it changed colors for winter and gives us a respite from the usual Florida variations of green. It’s not Vermont, but it’ll have to do for us Floridians!

A Single Tree


Week 29: Part of the Whole

I get tons of inspiration in the swimming pool looking at my plantings from a low perspective. On this day, the sun was backlighting a yellowed leaf on my Bird of Paradise plant. I love backlight, and had to capture it. I put a Paint Daubs filter on it in Photoshop, followed by Photo Stylizer and Polaroid Transfer in Nik’s Color Efex Pro 4. It was the latter that provided the thin torn edge surrounding the image. I cropped the leaf in the camera, as I always do, thus creating Part of the Whole.

Stylized Bird Leaf