Week 35: Laundry

Is there an amateur picture taker anywhere that doesn’t like to shoot laundry? What is it about the dangling sheets and underwear that catches our fancy? In Palermo, Sicily, the laundry waves in the wind along with unconstructed awnings, creating a dynamic visual aesthetic.

Mar 27 Laundry and Balconies in Palermo


Week 33: Hidden From View

It was a foggy 50-degree morning in February when I woke up to fog hovering over our pond. With the moorhen as my subject, I shot into the morning light, with the fog shrouding the aquatic plants and shoreline across the way. I created the lemony effect in Nik.

Lemon Fog

Week 32: Complementary Colors

Nobody does complementary colors like Mother Nature. Here, she dips into her palette to apply reds and greens and their nuances to color this vine growing on a tree in my dentist’s parking lot. Beauty is where you find it!

Tree and Leaves for WP