Week 38: Out of Focus

Zooming in on this elongated aloe vera flower bud threw everything, including the top and bottom of the bud, out of focus. I used a color vignette to add interest to the blurry background. This potted aloe plant has been living in the shade on our lanai for many years, growing bigger and bigger and even falling over at one point under its own weight; however, it has never produced a flower. I didn’t even know they did! Believe me, this tall spike, about three feet high, popped up overnight and was a complete surprise. I can hardly wait for it to open!

Aloe Flower Bud 031816



6 thoughts on “Week 38: Out of Focus

  1. I did not know they flowered either. I’m interested in seeing what kind of bloom it produces. Oh, BTW, I ran out and bought an aloe plant day before yesterday. It’s just a baby, nowhere near the size of yours, but I am going to enjoy watching it grow.

  2. Thank you for the comments. Sad to say, the bud went the way of the wind. Actually, there were two buds, and I could tell they would be yellow flowers; however, they dropped their budding petals before they opened. Ron says they need lots of sun. This aloe plant is kept in the shade, so the two long buds were a real stretch for this potted plant.

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