Week 40: Memories

This iris in Bok Tower Gardens evoked memories of my mother’s irises in our North Dakota backyard. Summers are very short there, but the irises always came through, as did the peonies, which were abundant in our yard. Beyond that, the lilac bushes were a favorite too, blooming in mid-May after a long, hard winter, filling the air with the sweetest of scents. Floral scents seem to be missing in Florida, with all its beautiful flora. Except for the jasmine and orange blossoms, of course. Lilacs and peonies are a mere memory for me now, as both require a long period of winter chill in order to bloom well.

Iris sig


9 thoughts on “Week 40: Memories

  1. We had them in our yard too. Mother had the most beautiful yellow ones and to honor her, I re-planted some of the bulbs in my yard on Signal Mountain. When they bloom, like you, I think of Mother.

  2. So true. Living up north, we love the lilacs, peonies and irises. The really good news is that the deer don’t eat them before we get to enjoy them. (-:

  3. Gorgeous, Liz. We too enjoyed the peonies (so many and so large) and iris in my parents’ yard. I too have them in my yard now….and they’re some of the first to show themselves in the spring with a big splash of color and size. In fact, Tom Benson had some beautiful lawn pictures about a week ago and I commented about my peonies and iris! It’s a North Dakota thing obviously.

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