Week 49: Nighttime

Hong Kong lights up Victoria Harbor nightly for 15 minutes, staging a light show on its skyscrapers set to classical music. People come to the harbor in droves to see the impressive display. Not part of the show, but certainly a fixture in the harbor, is this red-sailed (the sails are bright red) Chinese junk, the Aqua Luna, known in Cantonese as the Cheung Po Tsai. I saw it during the daytime from our 18th-floor harborside hotel room, not realizing it would be lit up at night. It was launched in 2006, and while its English name is Aqua Luna, in Cantonese it is named after the 19th-century Chinese pirate, Cheung Po Tsai. It was an unexpected feature last month as I took in the show. The ship is a party boat and can accommodate 80 passengers in addition to the crew. It rents for $80,000.

Red Sails


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