Week 5: Four

To fulfill the challenge for Four, I took a four-legged creature, this friendly cow grazing the lush summer grass in Lakewood Ranch, and gave her the Andy Warhol effect. Moo moo moo, y’all.

Quad Cows


Week 4: Beam of Light

The beams of light emanating from the remnants of a setting sun reminded me of  spotlights in the sky. Summertime in Florida presents us with dynamic evening skies following our daily thunderstorms. On the right side, a cloud curtain cuts the photo almost by a third. I could have cropped it out, but it was part of the evening sky, I granted it a reprieve, defying elements of balance and composition. I didn’t think you would mind.

Sunset Reflection 2


Week 3: Looking Up

I was rushing to a favorite photographic spot to catch a sunset as time marched on and I caught a red light on Lakewood Ranch Boulevard. I looked up out my car door window and saw a full rainbow. With no time to jump out of the car and shoot it without the distractions of signage and streetlights, I just aimed up and shot. While it is not great photography, I like that it’s different from the usual rainbow images I have taken, which basically, all look the same!


Week 2: Closely Cropped

After three years, my Bird of Paradise is blooming again. From a composition standpoint, I believe these tropical flowers aren’t easy to shoot because of their odd, angular shape. To shoot my brand new bird, I got in close to focus on the colors rather than the overall shape of the bloom.

Bird 080316 fb

Week 1: Splash of Color

I am so pleased to be embarking on the Fifth 52-Week Challenge! For four years in a row I have posted a photo every week that I took throughout the designated 12 month period and corresponded with the assigned 52 themes (in no particular order). This is the first posting of a brand new set of 52 weeks. So with zero photos to draw on, since this is the first day, I shot something close to home. In fact, I shot it in my bathroom with my iPhone, and using the Photoshop app on my phone, I posterized it just for fun. I was careful not to make a splash of color on the countertop.