Week 9: Infrared

Last week I posted a photo I titled “Papaya Sundown” taken in Lakewood Ranch. The photo showcased the composition technique known as negative space. I took the same photo and added an infrared filter in Photoshop and voila! It changes the image from pleasing to pow, and gives it a wintry feel, which is impossible to capture here in sunny Florida!



Week 8: Negative Space

Negative space is what we used to call white space in the newspaper layout world. It’s essentially breathing room for the subject, no competition from competing elements. This Lakewood Ranch sunset scene didn’t start out this way. It was a stand of trees, all of which were eliminated but one to achieve the negative space goal of this challenge. I don’t usually add or delete elements to my photos, in face, almost never, so I forget that that is an option sometimes. This was a good time to use that option, and I’m glad I did. One can keep that in mind when a scene isn’t perfect. you can take the scene home and make it perfect in post processing!

Papaya Sundown

Week 7: Artistic

Remember when, with the dawn of digital photography, suddenly everybody was a photographer? Now there are user-friendly filter plug ins that make everybody an artist. So it was easy to fulfill the Artistic theme through the use of creative software. In this instance, I began with an average landscape of palm trees and their reflection on a pond and added an artistic filter in SmartPhotoEditor and a frame in Nic. I suppose one could go so far as to print an artistically filtered photo and paint over it for a more credible feel.