Week 12: Night Sky

Last night and tonight are the nights the hunter’s supermoon will be at its most spectacular dominating the Night Sky. According to National Geographic, this weekend’s hunter’s supermoon kicks off a lunar triple play happening over the next three months. This month’s full moon is known in North America as the hunter’s moon. That’s because in other months, the moon rises about 50 minutes later each day, while the October moon rises just 30 minutes later. That offers more light overall during a 24-hour day, which came in handy for traditional hunters.This month, the moon officially reached its full phase early yesterday at 12:23 a.m. ET, which means that the lunar disk appears nearly equally full on the nights of both Oct. 15 and 16. The full moon on the 16th appears 16 percent larger than average and nearly 30 percent larger than the year’s smallest full moon, which we saw back in April. Do you think this is partially responsible for the political lunacy that has the country in such a tizzy? I myself did something a little crazy with the image, giving it a heavy rusted steel treatment to set it apart from all the beautiful moon shots I saw tonight on the Internet.



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