Week 18: Places of Worship

We were invited to a reunion of friends at a remote lake in western Minnesota, which required us to get way off the beaten path en route to the event. As we approached this intersection in Becker County, we were taken with its stereotypical lonely rural appeal.  This church was once a lively gathering place for the farm families who worshiped here throughout much of the 20th century. And now many of them are gathered in the quaint cemetery behind the old wooden church. May they and this retired church rest in peace, in spite of the trains that rumble by.

fb Rural Church


Week 17: Unwanted/Distracting Objects

Washed up mangrove detrius on the shores of City Island mucked up the white sandy water’s edge. While I was there to shoot “beauty shots,” I liked the texture of the organic “Unwanted/Distracting Object at my feet. I knew I could work with it in post. In this case, I used SmartPhotoEditor and Nik.

Unwanted Distracting objects.jpg

Week 16: On the Water

Back in late August, when the violent summer skies filled the area with thunder, lightning and driving late afternoon-evening rains, a few of my shooter friends and I drove in the rain the City Island to capture the drama of the light created after the storms. The rain stopped, the clouds separated in glorious pillows of soft pastels and the water calmed. Our friend Mary Nell was a single figure on the dock, On the Water, capturing the scene.

On the Water

Week 15: Bent or Twisted

There is a tree offshore on City Island in Sarasota that I am told may be the most photographed tree in town. I was on City Island in the beautiful evening light of late August, after the thunderstorms had rolled through, and added myself to the long list of shooters who have used this tree as a subject. After I shot it, I thought, “That tree is Bent of Twisted!” It sure is!

Gnarly Silhouette