Week 31: Topless

The grounds of the John and Mabel Ringling Museum of Art are extensive and appointed here and there with classical statuary. This “topless” nymph is gracing the edge of the pond near the Visitors Pavilion. If you go, stroll the grounds and take in the beauty, serenity and surprises of this Sarasota gem.



Week 30: White on White

Meanwhile, still back on the campus of Florida Southern College in Lakeland, whose buildings were designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, I found a scene that lent itself to the white-on-white concept. It is another perspective of the covered walkway I featured here last week, but the north light removed the yellow of the sun and gave me several shades of “white.”


Week 29: Repeating Patterns

Frank Lloyd Wright, America’s architect, had a highly-recognizable style of structured design and repeating patterns to bolster the design. The late-architect’s works are on full display at Florida Southern College in Lakeland, a campus whose buildings area FLW treasures. And the designs are not limited to the buildings. This unique design belongs to an extensive broad, angular walkway constructed between buildings, intended to shield students and faculty from the relentless Florida sun.