Week 40: Photographer’s Choice

I love fooling around with filters in the post-processing process. My choice for this week’s photo was to apply a Heavy Rusted Steel filter on this bland pot of an overgrown aloe plant on my lanai. I was in the pool at the time, shooting with my little Canon PowerShot D10 underwater camera.

Organic fb


Week 39: Stripes

If you are in Sarasota and haven’t yet been to the ‘Pathless Woods’ exhibit at the Ringling Museum, it still has a couple of weeks to go and is a fun thing to do. This from the museum website: “Pathless Woods is an interactive, multi-media installation in which the visitor is invited to walk through a forest of ribbons – sometimes the path is very clear and at other times it is not. The title is taken from a line of Byron’s poetry, ‘There is a pleasure in the pathless woods’ and references that the visitor can find his or her own path through the installation with each choice determining outcome.” The outcome for me was a fulfillment of the Stripes challenge!

Red Ribbons

Week 38: Starts With a ‘C’

A Cooper Creek tributary runs through my neighborhood, less than a block from my house. Cooper Creek is a tributary of the Braden River, the largest tributary of the Manatee River, which flows into the  Gulf of Mexico. They say if a hurricane causes a storm surge at high tide, our little Cooper Creek tributary could flood nearby streets. It’s hard to believe this rivulet has that potential. On a normal day it is a peaceful place (although they say it harbors rattlesnakes). Note: Cooper Creek runs south from near Linger Lodge east of I-75, runs under I-75 and continues southwest through the UTC Mall area and stops mid-way west of Benderson Park.

Cooper Creek landscape fb


Week 37: Macro/Close Up

It’s tulip time! Tulips bring so much cheer to a room. I keep them around in the spring when they are a bargain at the grocery store. A simple tulip can go from ordinary to dramatic with a combination of post-processing filters. I like the effect on this one. It reminds me of Old Hollywood glam.

Electric Tulip rotated 90 clockwise fb

Week 36: Missing Piece

When a spring bouquet of tulips starts to lose its leaves, one petal at a time, it’s time to throw them in the trash. My bouquet on the coffee table caught the morning light and I loved the effect, so I let them hang around longer than usual. I started to enjoy the beauty of watching them age, lit by the harsh morning sun. This tulip is not only missing a piece, but several pieces.

Broken Tulip 032517