Week 36: Missing Piece

When a spring bouquet of tulips starts to lose its leaves, one petal at a time, it’s time to throw them in the trash. My bouquet on the coffee table caught the morning light and I loved the effect, so I let them hang around longer than usual. I started to enjoy the beauty of watching them age, lit by the harsh morning sun. This tulip is not only missing a piece, but several pieces.

Broken Tulip 032517


4 thoughts on “Week 36: Missing Piece

  1. The early morning sun was coming into the living room through the sliders. I was walking through the room and noticed how the light was playing on the tulip bouquet on the coffee table. Just shot the picture in auto. Did a little in post, but not much. The background was the light sofa, which was in shadow and went really dark against the sunlit sliders. I was amazed at the contrasty shot that required no effort!

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