Week 44: Old Photographic Effect

There is a life-size bronze sumo wrestler in a courtyard of a downtown bank building in Sarasota. I have no idea why. But he is quite menacing to all who walk by him. I blew out the background and added a couple of effects during post processing, including Old Legal Document Texture which produced the Old Photographic Effect.

SUMO Old Letter FB


Week 43: Less is More

At Tivoli Gardens, an iconic and historic amusement park in Copenhagen, I had a choice of photographing the entire ride and all the people gleefully going around in circles, or isolating a small part of the ride. I chose the latter, because less is more in this case to depict the free-floating feeling of this ride. I thought the empty chairs enhanced the image.

Tivoli Ride 6 copy

Week 41: Line From a Song

Having more fun with filters in post-processing, I settled on a vibrant yellow for my 20-year-old Areca Palm on my lanai. I have come to appreciate the color yellow the past couple of years. The 1967 song “Mellow Yellow” by Donavan came to mind, and the lyric
“They call me mellow yellow.” Shot from my pool with my little Canon PowerShot D10 underwater camera.

Lemonade FB