Week 18: Urban Exploration

The small town of Gadsden, Alabama, doesn’t exactly leap to mind when one thinks of urban exploration. But when I found this urban art a half a block of the town’s main street, I felt like an urban explorer. The mural is across the entrance from the local art center, which may explain the presence of this piece of art. Why the female piano player is naked, I don’t know. But she is wearing a smile!

Note: I have since learned that Gadsden is the hometown of the infamous Roy Moore.

Urban Exploration in Dardren Ala


Week 17: Mono

The small town of Williston, Florida has seen better days, and this pawn shop is proof of that. I converted it to black and white and gave it a spooky edge because it came across that way, with the overgrown weeds and unpruned trees.

Pawn Shop Platinum

Week 16: Rows of Brick Rows

The Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga is a placed not to missed if you are in this city near the Georgia border. The unique, modern design is worth seeing on its own, but it houses impressive aquatic exhibits from river to ocean. The exterior rows and rows of bricks, light and dark, are almost mesmerizing and nearly windowless. What you don’t see, as we are allowed only one photo per challenge, are the huge triangles of shard-like glass triangular shapes that sit atop the structure. But you can Google it!

rows of rows Tennessee Aquarium Exterior Wall

Week 15: Simplicity

This whitewashed staircase with its simple black iron banister is in the atrium of the Field Club in Sarasota. I always take my camera with me when I am there, as there is always a shot or several to be had. This was my first time even noticing the staircase in the context of a photo, and were it not for this challenge of Simplicity, it may not have occurred to me.