Week 27: Serenity In Nature

The sun had been up only a few minutes when I opened the balcony door in our stateroom on the Norwegian Sun to see the MS Hamburg entering Havana Harbor. The early morning light combined with the quiet of a day not yet started produced a satisfying serenity as a took in the stillness of Old Havana.

Sailing into Havana Harbor.jpg


Week 26: Senior Hands

These hands belong to a local musician who has spent a lifetime making music. I imagine today he is better than ever, having decades of experience as a guitarist and perhaps other instruments as well. Here he strays from his familiar blues genre to venture a special rendition of Ave Maria at his friend’s late mother’s memorial service this Sunday afternoon.

Guitarist 2

Week 25: My Favorite Holiday

Christmas is my favorite holiday, although after 20 Christmases in Florida it is still a little weird not having snow and cold to carry me though the festive season. But you don’t need snow and cold to embellish, and that’s what Christmas decorating is all about. I like to embellish my table when guest are coming. Last month we entertained our fellow 2017 Sicilian travelers at a potluck dinner for 10. In addition to using Christmas china and “crackers,” the centerpiece consisted of objects from Italy, such as a Murano glass sculpture of birds, a ceramic statue of a judge, a marble statue of Paulina (Napoleon’s sister) and Italian flags, as well as silver bells, candles, a crystal cat, glass trees and deer,  and holiday sparkly fruit and berries. Of course, there was no room on the table for food, so we did a buffet!

Sicilian Dinner Table

Week 24: Reflections

“Complexus,” a 70-foot-tall red Corten steel sculpture by John Henry, is a piece of public art installed at the corner of Tamiami Trail and Gulf Stream Boulevard in Sarasota. Dubbed “Pick Up Sticks” by locals, it was reflected in the glass building, One Sarasota, when I was shooting scenics from the top of the new Westin Hotel across the street. There are other reflections to identify in this photo—how about the car, the street sign and the traffic light? More?

Red Sculpture Reflected