Week 31: Triangles

The new Westin Hotel in Sarasota is quite modern in design. These lightboxes, sconces, really, cast interesting shadows in triangular shapes on the walls of one of the upper floors by the elevator. Boxed Lights camel dynamic peaceful as a few potential passengers passed him by.




Week 29: Way Down Low

A friend and I were having lunch in the new Westin Hotel in downtown Sarasota. Above my head was a chandelier of goblet bowls and stems. I was way down low, as chandeliers go. Surely a unique chandelier, and there were multiple in Sarasota’s newest hotel.

Stems and Bowls Chandelier Pastels

Week 28: An Action Shot

We were strolling the streets in Old Havana and came across a very tiny park tucked into the corner of a city block. I was attracted to it because of its intimacy in the middle of the city. I noticed a couple of guys in the park but didn’t want to be obtrusive so I grabbed one shot as a I walked past. It was later, at home as I downloaded all my photos, that I saw the one man was gracefully dancing while the other fellow relaxed on the bench and watched him. Perhaps a fellow dancer or a coach. At any rate, it is an action shot, but one I didn’t expect to get there and then.