Week 52: Panorama (3 frames)

Whoopee! This Week 52 wraps up my participation in the 2017-2018 52-Week Challenge taken by my fellow shooters and me. We are taking a break for awhile. Maybe a long while. But it’s been fun sharing our photos with each other and our followers. This final photo is of a double rainbow in my backyard, shot with my iPhone. I am still looking for the pots of gold at the ends. Will let you know if I find one or both.

Rainbow 2018


Week 51: The Ball Park

This ball park is Ed Smith Stadium in Sarasota, Florida, spring training home of the Baltimore Orioles since 2010. Built in 1989, the stadium was formerly the spring home of the Chicago White Sox (1989–1997) and the Baltimore Orioles (1991). In 1998, it replaced Plant City Stadium as the spring training home of the Cincinnati Reds until 2008 when the Reds moved to Arizona. During the gap years in spring training, the stadium hosted a series of Minor League Baseball teams, as well as high school and college baseball tournaments. The stadium is named for the Sarasota civic leader who was instrumental in getting the new (now 20 years old) stadium built. It has seating for 7,428 spectators. Barack Obama addressed a crowd of 10,000 people there during the 2008 presidential campaign.

Ball Park Ed Smith Stadium




Week 50: Worst…Scene of the Day

While enjoying being on the streets of Paris photographing street scenes, I saw this woman, whom I assume to be homeless, sleeping on the sidewalk but with a firm hand on the leash of her beloved cat. Hadn’t seen that before, and it made be so sad for her. It was the worst thing I saw that day. I wondered what happened to her that she ended up on the sidewalk of the City of Light, the most romantic city in the world. Was she my age? Maybe she was a lot younger but looked older because of a hard life. Did she have no children to take her in? No family? Was she mentally ill and unable to maintain family/friends relationships? I was embarrassed to photograph her, but I was compelled to photograph her. Just one shot. And I turned away. What can you do? At least she had the comfort of her cat.

Homeless Woman with Cat

Week 49: In a Bowl

There is nothing like a colorful Sicilian street market to arouse your taste buds and and seduce you into buying fresh food. These bowls of olives were at the market in Ortygia, an island a short bridge away from Siracusa in southeast Sicily. I was swept up seeing a huge mound of sun-dried tomatoes that were large and inviting. I thought I would bring them back home and put a sun-dried tomato on a dollop of hummus on a pita point. Everything was measured and priced by kilos, and I had no idea how much a kilo was, so I asked for half a kilo. They vacuum packed it and sent me on my way. when I got home a week ago I looked at this half kilo of sun dried tomatoes that emerged from my suitcase and really don’t know what to do with them all. One at a time, it will take me forever to eat them. I would have been better off buy olives.

Bowls of Olives