Week 49: In a Bowl

There is nothing like a colorful Sicilian street market to arouse your taste buds and and seduce you into buying fresh food. These bowls of olives were at the market in Ortygia, an island a short bridge away from Siracusa in southeast Sicily. I was swept up seeing a huge mound of sun-dried tomatoes that were large and inviting. I thought I would bring them back home and put a sun-dried tomato on a dollop of hummus on a pita point. Everything was measured and priced by kilos, and I had no idea how much a kilo was, so I asked for half a kilo. They vacuum packed it and sent me on my way. when I got home a week ago I looked at this half kilo of sun dried tomatoes that emerged from my suitcase and really don’t know what to do with them all. One at a time, it will take me forever to eat them. I would have been better off buy olives.

Bowls of Olives


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